Monday, October 12, 2009

Yay! I got the Date for my Surgery!

So, I have had my braces for 5 months now and at my last ortho appt my dentist said it shouldnt be too much longer. :) Originaly I was told that i'd have to wear the braces for a whole year before the surgery, so I was super excitd to hear that. I met with the suregon on Oct 6th and he said as soon as my dentist said it was ok, we could do it. Well I was told I am getting my surgical wires and hooks put on on NOV 4. That will be 6 months of me having the braces. Today, I got the date, December 1st! I am so excited and nervous and cant wait! I have an appointment to get molds made on Nov 5th, and than an apointment on the 25th that I believe is a pre surgical analysis. Im assuming that they will take my blood and make sure Im physically ready for the surgery. Than on the 1st at 730am i will receive my first surgery ever... I am sooo scared. I have never even had an IV in, or been in the hospital ever. My suregon said we will do the surgery where my mouth will be wired shut for 6 weeks.... ugh... Im starving already!!!!! I have so many emtions going through my head, but mostly I am super excited! I cant believe it is happenng already... 7 more weeks!

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