Monday, September 28, 2009

5 months into my braces...

Hey there. Just wanted to check in and say that im almost 5 months into my braces, patiently waiting to get my surgery. I meet with the surgeon on Oct 6th for something. I wish i could make time pass quicker :) I hate having braces soo much, but I am dealing with it pretty well I guess. I have been getting fun colors to make them more interesting. They dont hurt so bad anymore, and my teeth are getting pretty straight. Im secretly hoping that when I meet with the surgeon again I can convince him to do it sooner :)... I doubt it, but its a nice thought. I am so uncomfortable talking with people with these stupid braces and every day i tell myself that I am one day closer. I always wonder if other people feel the same way... Ill try to check back in after I meet with him next week.

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