Tuesday, November 16, 2010

yay!!! BRACE FREE!!

So my braces are gone!!!
It is such a weird feeling! My teeth dont even look or feel the same! Such a change!
They are so soft and shiny:) I have a permanent retainer on the bottom and i am getting a retainer on the top on Monday... I kinda miss the braces tho... Its weird!
My teeth feel like they r already moving...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

X-Ray before/after

Just figured that u might like to see surgery before and after x-ray pics :)

Braces comming off?

Its been a while since I posted anything, but Honestly nothing exciting has happened. I have been going to the ortho ever 4-5 weeks and my teeth are looking great. Last appointment I had, he said my braces might be comming off so we will see, I go on Nov 15th at 11 am and hopefully ill leave a happy camper:) I miss my teeth and I am so excited to feel my teeth together post surgery and with out braces!