Tuesday, November 16, 2010

yay!!! BRACE FREE!!

So my braces are gone!!!
It is such a weird feeling! My teeth dont even look or feel the same! Such a change!
They are so soft and shiny:) I have a permanent retainer on the bottom and i am getting a retainer on the top on Monday... I kinda miss the braces tho... Its weird!
My teeth feel like they r already moving...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

X-Ray before/after

Just figured that u might like to see surgery before and after x-ray pics :)

Braces comming off?

Its been a while since I posted anything, but Honestly nothing exciting has happened. I have been going to the ortho ever 4-5 weeks and my teeth are looking great. Last appointment I had, he said my braces might be comming off so we will see, I go on Nov 15th at 11 am and hopefully ill leave a happy camper:) I miss my teeth and I am so excited to feel my teeth together post surgery and with out braces!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update (4 months since surgery)

So, In two days it will be 4 months since my surgery. I am almost back to normal. And I am pretty much eating everything in sight :) I still cannot open my mouth to my full potential but its getting better. I wake up in the morning and i am kind of in pain, but it goes away. I love my new bite. I feel so much better. Its weird, because sometimes I forget and I feel insecure,l than I remember I dont need to worry anymore! I deffinatly smile soooo much more than I used to and I didnt think it was possible. I will post some before pics and one of when I was swollen so you can see, and a new current one. It is a huge difference:) The surgeon did a great job.

Before:Here Was when I looked the worst! Because my braces aligned my teeth and made the underbite worse.

After surgery while I was swollen:
I looked scary! But honestly that was the worst of it... it got better from that point on.

I feel so much better about myself!!! I Go to the dentist tomorrow to have my firat cleaning since the surgery and I get my braces tightened, the dentist says a few more months of the braces, I cant wait!!!! Although, I dont hate the braces as much now!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Post Surgery

Well its been almost 2 weeks since the surgery, just havent felt like typing much. The surgery went well. Didn't take as long as expected. Only took 2 hours. The hospital I was in Was Edward White in St. Pete fl. I have to honestly say that although it was my first hospital experience, it was def a good one. Everyone was so nice. It almost felt like a hotel, not a hospital room. It wasnt even freezing in there! I was very scared when we got there at 5:15am on Dec 1st. They took me into a room where i put on a very unattractive greenish hospital gound and i had to give blood (which hurt: worst part of the whole stay) than pee in a cup to make sure i wasnt pregnant... thank god:)... than the nurse put the IV in my hand. This was the scariest part for me... I hate needles!! AH! But the wonderful nurse numbed my hand first with a ver small needle that i could hardly feel, so it wasnt bad at all. Than they took a history to make sure they had all of my information correct. Next they let my parents and boyfriend in with me to wait before they took me back. The nurse and the anisteisologist (sp?) came and introduced themselves and my doctor came. Than i had to mouth wash and they started pumpu=ing numerous drugs into my iv. Steroids and something to make me loopy.... well i remember feeling funny. like kind if giggly, than it was time to go. I said bye to my parents and bf and they wheeled me to the OR. We got in there and all remember is 6 or so people standing around me while they were trying to get me to move from the warm hospital bed to a small cold operating table and i was trying to move but my body felt kind of limp and it was hard to move, I was trying not to show my privates while i was moving, and i was out... dont even remember having to count down or anything. I woke up in ICU. My eyes had some kind of goo in them like vasalene or something. I thought i was still in the OR. I was trying tomake out what time it was... 9:10...
He said the surgery would take 4 hours... cant be done already.... but i was. everything must of went so smoothly that it was so quick. They took me to my hospital room and every room on that floor was only one patient to a room, so it was nice.That pic was taken as soon as my family walked in to my room. You can see the goop in my eyes. That is an oxygen mask on ky face. It was a big help. I had that most of the day. I stayed the nite at the hospital and was discharged by noon on wednesday. It wasnt until 2 days after being home that i was pretty swollen...The pain wasnt terrible, just uncomfortable. It is so miserable being wired shut!!!!!!

picture of hooks and wires

I didnt get to post a pic of the hooks and wires, so here they are:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wires And Hooks

Hey there, I went on Tuesday the 24th to see my orthadontist to get my wires and hooks put on for the surgery. I am sad to say that my teeth were KILLING me and I have no pretty colors, only metal mouth... no fun. I went on the 25th to see the suregon for the whole pre-surgery check up. It went well, I guess. It was a pretty quick appointment. They checked my blood pressure, and my heart rate. Listened to my lungs and checked my reflexes... It was very cold in the office. Basically they just double checked my medical history, and gave me 3 perscriptions to have filled b4 the big day. I also had to sign release forms to allow the suregon to do the surgery. I am getting so nervous. It is something that I have been waiting for, for soooooo long, and here I am with 3 days to go and i just cant beleive it is actually happening. Like really happening. I am hoping that my friends and family(especially my bf) can handle me while i am miserable and needy. I dont know how I will be able to handle not eating any solid foods for 6 whole weeks. I am very scared. I have read so many other peoples experiences and it does ease my nerves slightly, but I am still scared to death. 3 days and it will be reality... Guess ill just have to jump right in and deal with it... Ill write more when I get home from the hospital!