Monday, December 14, 2009

Post Surgery

Well its been almost 2 weeks since the surgery, just havent felt like typing much. The surgery went well. Didn't take as long as expected. Only took 2 hours. The hospital I was in Was Edward White in St. Pete fl. I have to honestly say that although it was my first hospital experience, it was def a good one. Everyone was so nice. It almost felt like a hotel, not a hospital room. It wasnt even freezing in there! I was very scared when we got there at 5:15am on Dec 1st. They took me into a room where i put on a very unattractive greenish hospital gound and i had to give blood (which hurt: worst part of the whole stay) than pee in a cup to make sure i wasnt pregnant... thank god:)... than the nurse put the IV in my hand. This was the scariest part for me... I hate needles!! AH! But the wonderful nurse numbed my hand first with a ver small needle that i could hardly feel, so it wasnt bad at all. Than they took a history to make sure they had all of my information correct. Next they let my parents and boyfriend in with me to wait before they took me back. The nurse and the anisteisologist (sp?) came and introduced themselves and my doctor came. Than i had to mouth wash and they started pumpu=ing numerous drugs into my iv. Steroids and something to make me loopy.... well i remember feeling funny. like kind if giggly, than it was time to go. I said bye to my parents and bf and they wheeled me to the OR. We got in there and all remember is 6 or so people standing around me while they were trying to get me to move from the warm hospital bed to a small cold operating table and i was trying to move but my body felt kind of limp and it was hard to move, I was trying not to show my privates while i was moving, and i was out... dont even remember having to count down or anything. I woke up in ICU. My eyes had some kind of goo in them like vasalene or something. I thought i was still in the OR. I was trying tomake out what time it was... 9:10...
He said the surgery would take 4 hours... cant be done already.... but i was. everything must of went so smoothly that it was so quick. They took me to my hospital room and every room on that floor was only one patient to a room, so it was nice.That pic was taken as soon as my family walked in to my room. You can see the goop in my eyes. That is an oxygen mask on ky face. It was a big help. I had that most of the day. I stayed the nite at the hospital and was discharged by noon on wednesday. It wasnt until 2 days after being home that i was pretty swollen...The pain wasnt terrible, just uncomfortable. It is so miserable being wired shut!!!!!!


  1. Wow. You look pretty good for having your surgery done. What did you have done? Top and bottom jaws? And what did you have before??? Open bite? or just and underbite? Or even crossbite? I have all three. ugh. :) I can't wait to get this fixed and I am sure you are happy it is over. Keep us updated and post some current pics of you, how has the swolling gone? :)
    Love and Support Always, Makay

  2. hey Makay,

    Sorry for the delay, I have been so busy with school and work that I havent been on here. I jyst had a underbite. The surgery that they did was called bilateral sagital split ostomy. I got really swollen a few days after I got home, I am almost embarrased to post a pic! ha
    I do feel much better now and I love my new bite. It has been almost 4 months and i mostly feel normal again :)